Manage Your FBA Reselling Business

The Future Is Here

Take management of your FBA reselling business to the next level with the most robust solution for tracking logistics and analyzing your data. From selling books on consignment to better manging your cash flow, you can do it all with Reseller Analytics.


Easy Import Process

Start analyzing in no time.

The import process consists of just two steps: upload your Amazon sales spreadsheet and upload your listing spreadsheet. With support for Inventory Lab, Accelerlist, ScanLister, and The Tracking Spreadsheet, the process is seemless.

A Total Solution

Manage everything related to your business in one place.

Whether it's tracking logistics such as equipment or miles, or managing payouts through the source payouts system, my goal is to provide you with the ultimate solution for managing every aspect of your business.

Unlimited Reports

Endless possibilities.

Because this application is built on the web, the limits to how you can view your data are endless. Choose from the variety of different reports and views already available, or submit a request for a new statistic or feature using the ticket system.

Reports Preview

Sales Rank Analysis

Quickly view item metrics based on sales rank. With this feature, you can quickly make value judgements based on factors like how quickly your books of a certain sales rank sell and how much profit you can expect.

Inventory Reports

Analyze how your current inventory looks to make accurate projections about cashflow and profit in the future. You can also view individual inventory statements by week for a defined time period.

Items By Source

View your items grouped by the source you got them from and analyze which sources are producing the best results. If you wish to sell books on consignment, you can track how much you owe each person using the source payouts system.

Income Statement

Gain a holistic view of your business and how to manage your cashflow with a detailed income statement for a specified date range or all dates. Use graphs to gain a better idea of where your income and expenses are coming from. This will be very useful come tax season!

Available Now

One time payment for permanent access.



Frequently Asked Questions

Don't see your question answered below? Send a message using the contact form.
You can directly upload the sales spreadsheet provided to you by Amazon and the listing spreadsheet provided by your respective listing software. Currently the application supports Inventory Lab, Scanlister, and Accelerlist, and accommodations can be made. If you are having trouble finding your data, please contact support.
The application is still very much in development, so I will be glad to add all feasible requests as features to the application. To make a request for a feature, use the contact page and select suggestion as the type of request. Priority for features requested will be given to paying customers, although all feature requests will eventually be addressed.
No problem! Shoot a message over using the contact form if you aren't a customer yet or the ticket system if you are already a customer and I will be glad to add functionality for your format.